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Be The Change You Want To Drive
Flight on Wheels

Daily commutes will never be the same. Helix's patented steer & tilt system delivers full control for a seamless drive. Just like a pilot slicing through the open skies.

Helix Motors 3 wheel electric car top view. This vehicle is an efficient, fun and dynamic autocycle.



Mile Range


Miles per gallon electric equivalent



Helix Motors electric 3 wheel car empowers urban mobility. This electric three wheel vehicle makes it easier to move around the city.
Incredible Safety

Experience a remarkable and sturdy ride. As strong as a shark-cage but agile like a fighter jet, Helix lets you savor all-weather comfort or let the windows down on the open road.

Fun 3 wheel electric autocycle that leans and tilts on curves. Helix Motors creates dynamic three wheel electric vehicles.
Sustainable Innovation

The future doesn't have to be congested, polluted, and short-sighted. Helix empowers drivers with the most efficient, clean, and beautifully engineered driving experience available.

Sustainable 3 wheel electric car. Helix Motors is an efficient and fun autocycle.
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