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At Helix Motors, we’re developing a new kind of mobility company by combining the DNA of advanced automotive and motorcycle technologies. With one wheel in the front and two in the back, we decided to bet on the development of our patented self-balancing technology, which allows our 3-wheel vehicle to be driven safely at any legal speed. Our aerodynamic design, patented technologies, and connectivity promise to revolutionize the future of electric vehicles. 


Our vision is to deliver an electric vehicle that enhances the daily lives of our users, enabling them to enjoy more productive, and fun commutes by integrating smart technologies designed to reduce traffic congestion and pollution, optimize road and parking space, and reduce energy costs.

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Helix Motors is bringing the  brightest minds of leaders, technologists, designers, engineers and innovators to work on creating the next generation of  smart, clean, and connected vehicles.

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Investor Relations

Helen Lee

Co-Founder & President

Robin Lee

Co-Founder & Vice President

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