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Experience the thrill of tilt-drive technology

200 mi

Driving Range


Miles per gallon electric equivalent

100 +

MPH Top Speed

Helix DSCS

Dynamic Steering Control System

Flight on Wheels

Daily commutes will never be the same. Helix's patented steer & tilt system delivers full control for a seamless drive. Just like a pilot slicing through the open skies.

Safety Above All

Cage–shaped passenger compartment effectively offers incredible driver and passenger protection. The Helix is designed to be the safest three wheel vehicle on the road. Every Helix is equipped with the latest active safety features, such as our patented dynamic steering control system.

Flight on Wheels

The Helix has two super-responsive electric motors that actively provide better handling, traction and stability control – for a more exhilarating and sturdy ride. With an enclosed cabin the Helix offers you protection and drivability under all-weather conditions.

Smarter Commutes

Helix is more than getting from A to B, it is about getting from A to everything else. The Helix is a smarter vehicle that will allow our users to enjoy more productive, and fun commutes.. It all starts here.

Dynamic. Connected. Innovative

The styling of the Helix is inspired by the perfect blend of powerful technologies and beautiful aesthetics. It reflects our vision of the next generation of smart, clean, and connected vehicles.

Intelligent Interior

Helix gives you the interior space & comfort of a sedan for urban and suburban transportation. Driver experience feels natural and exciting when the Helix’s intuitive touch-screen helps you take command of the road ahead.

Sustainable Innovation

The future doesn't have to be congested, polluted, and short-sighted. Helix empowers drivers with the most efficient, clean, and beautifully engineered driving experience available.


Electric Motors

2 electric motors (rear axle)


200 miles, 322 kilometers





Dimensions (L/H/W)




0-60 mph

6.7 seconds




2 seats

Become a Pioneer

Our vision is to deliver an electric vehicle that enhances the daily lives of our users, enabling them to enjoy more productive, and fun commutes.