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When pollution, congestion, and unnecessary use of road space continue to be the global status quo, it's time for a new type of vehicle to be created. At Helix Motors, our vision is to redefine personal transportation by creating a more efficient and exhilarating driving experience.

Helix Motors reimagines personal transportation by combining the DNA of advanced automotive and motorcycle technologies. Our team combines innovative design with cutting-edge technology to address challenges such as pollution, congestion, and energy efficiency.  Our goal is to create the next generation of electric vehicles with a focus on making our daily commutes smarter, cleaner and fun.


At Helix Motors, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future. Our electric vehicles are designed to enhance daily commutes while addressing pressing environmental challenges. By prioritizing efficiency and embracing innovative design and cutting-edge technology, we strive to combat pollution, alleviate congestion, and reduce our ecological footprint. Our goal is to revolutionize personal transportation by offering smart mobility solutions that optimize space and inspire positive change. Together, we can drive a movement towards a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable world for generations to come.

Redesigning Urban Mobility

Statistics show that 77% of all vehicles on the road travel with only one passenger aboard – yet conventional cars are still designed for a larger passenger occupancy. At Helix Motors, we are redesigning the electric vehicle concept to better serve the way people actually travel.


Inspired by the perfect blend of powerful technologies and beautiful aesthetics, the design of our three-wheeler reflects our vision of the next generation of intelligent vehicles. The Helix aerodynamic design not only enhances performance and efficiency but also makes every commute more sustainable and fun.


Our group of dedicated engineers, innovators, and advisors breathe life into our vision for an exhilarating, sustainable, and intelligent future.


Our Technology

As part of our global innovation strategy, the Helix team has partnered with leading engineering firms such as Bosch and IDIADA to develop our cutting edge technology and core system. As a result, we have developed a next-generation proprietary electric mobility solution.

Dynamic Steering Control System

The true excitement factor.

Our patented dynamic steering control system (DSCS) tilts the vehicle’s cabin safely and automatically like a motorcycle. Our technologically advanced system dynamically selects the correct tilt angle based on factors such as speed, inclination, road conditions, etc. Experience the road like never before!

Meet our team

Our group of dedicated engineers, innovators, and advisors breathe life into our vision for an exhilarating, sustainable, and intelligent future.


Helix Motors is founded


Autocycle Inc. was founded to address transportation shortcomings and introduced Helix.

Our team recognized the limitations of available transportation options and sought to revolutionize personal mobility. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, we introduced Helix, an electric 3-wheeled vehicle that defies traditional automotive conventions. This marked the beginning of our journey.

From our inception, we knew that the future of mobility required a new approach. One that combined cutting-edge technology, visionary design, and an unyielding commitment to efficiency. With Helix, we aimed to provide an alternative that makes the daily commute more efficient and exciting.

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Phase 00 | Helix Motors is founded

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