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Building the Future of Mobility

Helix Motors was founded to solve the great transportation challenges of our emerging world. Our group of dedicated engineers, innovators, and advisors breaths life into our vision for an exhilarating, sustainable, intelligent future.

Helix Motors three wheel electric vehicle. This vehicle is an efficient, fun and dynamic autocycle.
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Helic sustainable three wheel vehicle seeks to prevent pollution, congestion, and enviorenment deterioration

The World Needs Empowering, Intelligent Mobility

Pollution, congestion, and a lack of economic access are still the global status quo. When 77% of all vehicles on the road travel with only one person aboard, it's time for a future driven by:

  • Clean, zero emission energy

  • Reduced traffic congestion

  • Affordable luxury

  • Efficient use of space

  • Incredible fun

Why Helix
Our Technology

Helix spent years developing our cutting edge technology through partnerships with global innovation firms like Bosch engineering and IDIADA. The result is the next generation proprietary solution for electric mobility.

Helix electric 3 wheel autocycle is equipped with advanced safety technology

Vehicle dynamics deliver a sense of being glued to the road. Safety features include a safety cage, driver’s airbag, safety harnesses, automatic braking and automatic lane departure correction. 

Aerodynamic electric 3 wheel vehicle by Helix Motors that delivers efficiency and a unique driving experience

Helix's aerodynamic design results in incredible miles per gallon equivalent electric and it's slim design help reduce road congestion.

3 wheel electric car that tilts and leans

The true excitement factor - Dynamic

Steering Control System (DSCS) - tilts the

vehicle cabin safely and automatically like a


Connectivity & Comfort

Helix won't skip a beat with history. These planned standard all-weather features accelerate the fun factor:

Driver recognition and smart phone

Hands free phone calls

Surround sound audio

Heated and cooled seats

Safety Sensors

Connectivity & Comfort

Driver recognition and smart phone

Hands free phone calls

Surround sound audio

Heated and cooled seats

Tinted glass

Helix Technology
Our Design

The Helix design has evolved, inside and out. Hear the story of Helix's design roots with the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) Student Design Team 

Helix Design
Design process of the Helix 3 wheel electric vehicle. The process of making the most efficient electric autocycle
Our Evolution

Influenced by great engineers and innovators from the past, Helix is the long-awaited evolution of the 3-wheeled, tilting vehicle. Our patented advances in technology differentiate Helix in core areas like stability, safety, all-electric drive, and financial viability. Here's how the market has evolved.

Dec 15 -2017 Helix Progress building mol

Helix awareness promotion. Helix patented core system integration, Show Car development.


Brink Technologies (Carver Engineering) discontinued production of CarverOne. Venture Vehicles (Persu Mobility) also discontinued their efforts to market Carver Technology.


Brink Technologies using their  DVC technology developed a man-wide slender vehicle named CarverOne. 

In 2002, Top Gear featured this vehicle with rave reviews.  Approximately 215 Carver vehicles had been produced.


The first motorcar was a 3 wheeler built in 1885 by Karl Benz. His wife Bertha financed the development and was the driver and mechanic who drove it on the first long-distance road trip from Mannheim to her maternal hometown of Pforzheim and back. She covered 194 km (121 mi) in total.

Helix Evolution

Decision to launch in USA as first stage of global enterprise.. Helix patented core system and component engineering.   


Helix partners with IED international design school to host student design contest in Barcelona and Turin


Venture Vehicles licenses the Carver vehicle  technology for sale in the U.S., later renamed Persu Mobility,


Gotech International Ltd was founded to address technological shortcomings of previous designs to introduce a completely new DNA of a 3 wheeled vehicle named Helix.


Helix system patents are granted for break-through Dynamic Steering Control System (DSCS) and vehicle designs

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