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Building the Future of Mobility

Helix Motors was founded to solve the great transportation challenges of our emerging world. Our group of dedicated engineers, innovators, and advisors breaths life into our vision for an exhilarating, sustainable, intelligent future.

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Our Leadership

Helix Motors is led by a core team working alongside advisors, engineers, and electromobility specialists.

Meet our leadership:

Founder, Business Development and Communication Group President

Chief Executive Officer 

Our Technology

Helix spent 3 years developing our cutting edge technology through partnerships with global innovation firms like Bosch engineering, IDIADA, and SensoDrive. The result is the next generation proprietary solution for electric mobility.

Our Journey

The major concerns in personal transportation include pollution, traffic congestion, fuel prices and the effect on our climate.  Statistics show that 77% of all vehicles on the road travel with only one person aboard. Commuters, i.e. repetitive travellers,  account for 90% of these motorists. Moreover, in a typical vehicle, up to 40% of the energy is used to push air out of the way, which makes the aerodynamics of any transportation method absolutely critical in the search for energy conservation and thereby ecological improvement.


Driven by our desire to tangibly contribute to resolving our world's environmental troubles, to which traffic congestion and energy consumption are major contributors, we have developed Helix so as to combine the best features of motorcycle and car. Helix’s extreme aerodynamic shape greatly reduces the level of air compression and decreases drag that combined result in an ultra efficient vehicle.


Helix incorporates its patented designs for a fully automatic system optimized to allow the vehicle to lean into even the tightest curves exactly as a motorcycle does. This is done whilst maintaining the stability of a three point contact configuration. Helix’s tilting technology transforms what would normally be a centrifugal force in a turn, into a downward pressure, thus increasing adherence and traction. Combined with this fundamentally stable physics concept Helix also integrates many, if not all, of the features of the safest cars on the road today such as seat belts, airbags, roll cage, ABS, to mention just those. Helix will deliver its stability and efficiency at all speed ranges, i.e. in urban and suburban areas as well as high speed roads such as motorways (Freeways, autobahns) where slow speed vehicles are poorly suited to operate.


The objectives our team has defined in order to reach the essential goals are:


  • Decreasing traffic congestion.

  • Efficient occupation of available parking space.

  • Reduction in fuel consumption.

  • Battery capacity can be smaller due to the lower energy consumption “per person per mile”.

  • All of the above leading ultimately to an increase in “affordability” therefore more people can use the technology and the greater the overall savings.


The Helix concept and its core technology have been evaluated by world-renowned vehicle component engineering company. Top engineering is a key part of our ongoing team of world class suppliers that will bring Helix to the market providing leading edge engineering facilities to ensure that costs, safety and performance are of the best available.


The Intellectual Property (IP) patents that protect Helix’s technology and concept have been granted following their review and filing by Knobbe Marten, one of the premier law firms in this field.

Helix’s internal team is composed of passionate and dedicated individuals with many years of experience amongst them. We are at the dawn of an exciting and important phase and are proud to share the Helix project with you.


A sustainable transportation solution is what is embodied by Helix, reducing fuel consumption, optimising road and parking occupation, rationalising vehicle capacity, all this possible with this innovative and technically perfected vehicle, that is also exhilarating to drive.


It's our passion to make a difference.


Thank you for your interest!




Join Us

We believe in treating people how we would like to be treated. This starts with offering products and services which solve real customer concerns bringing solutions and joy to life. This permeates internally to our processes, policies and relationships.

This belief is manifested in several basic principles including honesty, intelligence, humility, work ethic, resourcefulness, cooperation and kindness resulting in a team environment where every good thinking person would flourish.  

Many great companies have paved the way and taught us to think differently, run fast and break barriers without fearing failure.  It is our intent to foster a culture that is unique to Helix Motors through experimentation and reinvention balancing a need for speed with excellent execution, innovation with iteration, form with function, freedom with accountability and a work-to-life balance which maximizes human potential enabling incredible results.

If this is intriguing to you, we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

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