Electric vehicle, Helix is an innovative and technically advanced vehicle to help reduce traffic congestions and pollution, it also help conserve our natural resources and is exhilarating to drive.


An innovative and technically advanced vehicle 

to help conserve our natural resources and is exhilarating to drive.








Helix is a sustainable transportation solution that reduces traffic congestion
and pollution, optimizes road and parking and reduces fuel costs. 

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Electric Vehicle Helix

lower air compression

lower turbulence

Up to 40% of energy is wasted pushing air in a typical car

Safety Features

1.Capture Collar  Engine Mount

2.Steel Rollcage 

3.Collapsible Steering Column 


4.Side Impact Rails 

5.Driver’s Airbag

6.Breakaway Engine Mount


7.Engine Shield

8.Rear Bumper

9.ABS and Traction Control

Electric vehicle Helix Motors for Mobility and Sustainability