Frequently asked questions

Unless otherwise specified, the answers below refer to the initial Helix model, the 200e. These answers represent current engineering designs and prototypes; there can be no assurance the final production model will not depart from these specifications.

What is Helix’s top speed?

The Helix top speed capability is approximately 100 MPH (161 KPH).

How quickly can the Helix accelerate?


Helix can accelerate 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) in approximately 6.4 seconds.

How much will the Helix cost?


We plan an initial launch in the USA with the Helix Model 200e (200-mile electric range). Due to the battery size Helix may qualify for Federal Tax credit incentives. After incentives (if still offered by the government), the net price may be reduced to approximately $15,500.

How can I order a Helix?


Helix will be available for paid reservations on the website. Subscribe to Helix’s Newsletter for the reservation announcement.

When and where can I get a Helix?


We plan on launching sales in 2023 with dealership partners in different areas, a creative sales and service approach will be utilized. Consumer interests and reservations could influence in which cities we would set up sales channels.

What features and specifications will the Helix have?


Helix will be a modern vehicle with many connected car features prevalent in today’s leading automobiles. These include passive and active safety features, infotainment, climate control with other lifestyle options available for purchase and installation. Color and trim options will soon be announced.


Is Helix an Automobile or a Motorcycle?


Helix is considered a motorcycle under USA Federal regulations and is an “autocycle”, a new classification created and recognized over the past 8 years.  There is no requirement to wear a helmet in nearly all states.

What kind of license is needed to drive the Helix?


You can drive a Helix with a normal automobile driver’s license.  

Does Helix qualify for High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane status with single occupant?


Yes. The State of California now allows enclosed three-wheel vehicles like the Helix to have access to carpool lanes as single occupant in vehicle. The bill (AB 2272) unanimously passed the California Assembly and Senate and was signed into law. The laws vary in other states; but the trend is positive in each state legislature when the issue comes up for a vote as the vehicle is electric, efficient and helps city planners achieve their goals.


What safety features are being considered for Helix?


The Helix will come equipped with a cohort of safety features such as side-impact rails, a steel roll-cage, and a proven passenger restraint belt system, giving occupants a level of protection comparable to conventional cars.

What does the "tilt-drive" system offer?

With its patented Dynamic Steering Control System (DSCS), which tilts the vehicle cabin safely and automatically like a motorcycle, the Helix models will offer rollover protection essentially equivalent to passenger cars. This system is a very advanced technology borrowed from aircraft engineering and modern robotic technology to automatically select the correct tilt angle based on speed and other vehicle and road conditions.  The resulting driving experience is entirely new, safe, and exhilarating